PX+ Listens

At PX+ Festival 2018 one of the most talked about issues was the lack of help and support within our industry for those that need it. Let's face it, we all suffer from stress and anxiety, it’s a common side effect of working in hospitality. What is missing is support, not just for those in immediate need but also those that require specific advice. As an industry we need to step up and help each other.

That's why we have pulled industry professionals together to listen and to talk with YOU. People who have been there, who understand the reality and demands of our industry and can provide support.

PX+ Listens is a confidential free service for anyone in the hospitality industry, offering advice when you need it most. We are here to listen to any issues affecting our industry, from mental health, money and family worries to business start ups, product knowledge, sales and marketing.

How to use PX+ Listens- its super simple!

1. Book a 20 minute initial conversation with one of the PX+ Listens team at a time that works for you. Calls will start from 4th March. 

2. We call you at the time you reserved and LISTEN to what you need.

3. We will arrange a follow up call, text or email where we will offer further support or refer you to a wider network of professionals. 

If you don’t think you need us, arrange a call with us anyway and maybe you can help someone else by offering a couple of hours a month of specialist support by joining our volunteer team.

PX+ Listens: Terms + Conditions

PX+ Listens is a confidential service and the initial call is provided by hospitality professionals who are trained to listen. The team are not trained doctors or medical professionals. By requesting a call and reserving a time slot you understand and agree to receive a hospitality professionals time, in the form of a phone call. You acknowledge that any recommendations or suggestions made by the PX+ Listens team are neither diagnostic nor prescriptive and that you cannot hold PX+ Listens and/or PX+ Hospitality liable for any damage or personal injury, including but not limited to physical, mental and emotional injury. Whilst PX+ Listens is a completely confidential service, in the event that you disclose information that may pose a risk to yourselves or others it is the duty of our team to disclose this information to the relevant authorities.