Talks, panel discussions, informal gatherings, where creative minds share their stories and experiences. Based on dialogue, reflection, experimentation and collaboration, the ultimate goal is to make an assessment of the current state of the hospitality trade and open the way for change. The discussions tackle some of the most pressing contemporary industry issues. 

We celebrate artisans, farmers, chefs, producers, food business innovators and responsible consumers - the many components of a community gelled together by real connection with best practices - both agricultural and in the industry, with environmental issues and traditional cooking methods. 

The food system and the trade around it belong integrally to such multifaceted community, and this sense of participated, non-hierarchical, proactive ownership is what we want to dig out: a new, holistic interpretation of food sovereignty. 

Ultimately, we want to promote a restaurant culture based on collaboration, education, empathy, and a connected community behind the industry.  

At Let’s Talk About Itnew inspiring stories emerge, aimed at identifying, describing, and mapping iconic people, places, traditions and inspirations. 


Our activities unfold around 3 underlying threads seamlessly throughout the weekend: food sovereignty, an assessment of the restaurant trade, and looking ahead. The format is fluid and interactive, with different perspectives and competencies being represented, from direct experts to exponents of particular sectors to the general public, in a truly multi-disciplinary effort.


Saturday 25th August 2018

What purpose has the restaurant sector served in recent year? Entertainment, hedonism, celebration of high-end gastronomy, but also education, attention to best practices and sustainability. These latter engagements must increase and become organic, rather than sporadic and promoted only by a handful of enlightened chefs. This talk will explore these issues and bring the thinking forward: how about imagining the restaurant of the future. How about really thinking outside of the box and unhinge the granted pillars restaurants are built on: clear definition of roles (service/customers), spaces (dining room/kitchen), and mission (feed/entertain people). We are going to let imagination run wild here, and lay the conceptual bases for the future restaurants to be a fluid, multifaceted space at the epicenter of a connected, engaged community, sovereign and empowered over its own food system. 

Where do the distinct kaleidoscope of flavours that make a dish, a wine, or a whiskey stand out, come from? The skills of the artisan behind them, the quality of the raw materials… but before that all, soil gives life to such products. In this talk we address both the actual but also the symbolic value of soil, some African cultures even eat it. We will discuss the importance for quality agriculture to keep soil healthy and alive, the real meaning of terroir outside labels and marketing, and the necessity for biodynamic and other soil-enhancing farming, especially in relation to flavours!  

Change always starts from awareness and education. Apart from school, there is no better place than work to educate a new class of progressive and conscious food, beverage, and farming professionals. We will discuss how an integrated farm, a restaurant, or an innovative business can and must nurture personal growth and bring teams towards an all-encompassing understanding of quality, engaged gastronomy.