Beyond the Avocado Toast Church with Heather, Sun 4pm

Beyond the Avocado Toast Church with Heather, Sun 4pm


Beyond the Avocado Toast Church: Understanding Vegetal Healing Magic


Sunday 18th August, 4-5pm

In this culinary informational workshop, Chef Heather unpacks the instamania around food trends and lays down a sane, grounded and magical blueprint for individual wellbeing.

Intersecting the worlds of nutrition, food history and culture, ancient healing traditions and modern dietary wisdom, this information packed and fun session is a laser experience in empowerment that celebrates the natural intelligence that lives within.

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Chef, Wellness Educator and Culinary Nutritionist Heather Umla brings over 20 years’ experience of meditation practice, study, teaching and working in the heart of the food and wellness industries, to PX+. After living in residence at the world-renowned, non-profit, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Heather studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and with Functional Nutrition Alliance where she honed her nutritional expertise. Heather founded an award-winning food company in NYC before taking her expertise and knowledge to professional kitchens across the globe. 

Heather has worked with people from all walks of life including performers, artists, Olympian athletes and Prime Ministers. Often helping chronically ill and chronically busy people to understand food as medicine. 

A leader in widely attended retreats, and with a lifelong commitment to meditation, Heather brings a sensitivity and balanced artistry to the healing power of food with unyielding creativity. Heather’s classes are inspired by energetic alignment and seasonality, organic local produce, and a pure, innovative and intelligent approach to world-class whole-foods and plant-based cuisine. We can’t wait to share Heather’s workshops and talks focused on what our industry professionals need to look after themselves!