Essential Oils with Wholistic Living, Mon 10am

Essential Oils with Wholistic Living, Mon 10am


Monday 19th August, 10-11am

60 minutes

Join Wholistic Living for their interactive workshop where you will learn about the wide ranging benefits of using essential oils as part of your everyday life.

We talk about emotional benefits of Essential Oils such as stress reducing, and sleep enhancing as well as achieving increased wellness by removing toxic chemicals from your personal care routine and home.

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Marisa and Jess are the founders of ‘Wholistic Living', a wellness company that teaches you about the wide range of wellness benefits you can get by incorporating essential oils into your everyday life. Bringing together their backgrounds in nutrition and health, and first hand experience of busy, stressful London commuting life, Marisa and Jess wanted to focus on helping Londoners achieve optimum wellness.