The Science of Sound with Olaf, Mon 12PM

The Science of Sound with Olaf, Mon 12PM


The Science of Sound: How it affects us, what we can do about it. An experiential journey with the Gongs and other instruments with Olaf Nixon

Monday 19th August, 12-2pm

We are surrounded by sound, in all its varying forms.  We use it to relax, to unwind, to enhance to amplify our moods. It affects us on a cellular level, the sounds around us, can and do impact on us.

In this 2-hour combined talk and workshop Olaf will lead you through a series of experiential sound scape’s and by doing so allow you to experience how sound affects you personally.

He will explain what is happening in the brain and how we can use sound and music to counter stressful situations and environments, that we might find ourselves in.

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Olaf is a Soul Coach, Gong Master Therapist, Firewalk Instructor, Feng Shui consultant and workshop facilitator.  He regularly consults and teaches at the College of Psychic Studies in London and travels around the country working with various groups of individuals, both with additional needs and those looking to understand how sound and energy can affect us.  His work is always evolving, there is always something new and unique to learn.