The Eye of the Storm, Sun 12pm

The Eye of the Storm, Sun 12pm


Sunday 18th August, 12-1pm

60 minutes

Free workshop, all welcome, spaces are limited.

The eye is the most still and powerful part of the storm. Around it. the most powerful winds circle. In fast-paced life and work, the ability to be the eye - to connect to a still centre in the midst of intense activity; to be the epi-centre of the creative tussle of life; to generate energy from apparently little effort - these are high creative skills.

In this workshop, Leila will take you into yogic strategies for maintaining energy and navigating the territory of stillness, and teach you the hard skills of putting these strategies into practice in your daily work/creative flow.

Expect awareness techniques, simple and do-able breathing techniques, and practices for shifting perspective on the fly.

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Leila Sadaghee is a healer, yoga and meditation teacher, and mentor with nearly two decade’s experience in guiding people to physical, mental, and emotional freedom. She is an expert and fun-loving guide to practices that support creatively vibrant people to awaken potential and develop accessible habits of self-care. She’s the creator of The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, a transformational course for inspired living, and she runs trainings and retreats around the world.