Learning to Live without Plastic, Sustainily, Sat 3pm

Learning to Live without Plastic, Sustainily, Sat 3pm


Saturday 17th August, 3-4pm

60 minutes

Lisa Hancock, Co-Founder of Sustainily, will be sharing her personal journey of moving from a naïve consumer of plastics to becoming more mindful and informed about her use. She will share with you the ups and downs of this journey-what she found surprisingly easy, the things that are difficult and the things that surprised her.

Using her professional insights from working in change management, Lisa will explore what she feels may encourage others to become more mindful about their plastic consumption themselves and support colleagues, customers and clients to do the same.

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Lisa Hancock is the co-founder of Sustainily, an ethical business aimed at supporting people to make better choices to reduce their plastic footprint.

With 20 years experience working in the NHS first as a dietitian, and then in leadership development and coaching, Lisa has spent many years supporting people through change.

Spurred on by the stories their 8 year old brought home about the devastation of plastics on our oceans and land, as a family they started to become more conscious of their own usage of plastic. As a mum and wife who works full time, Lisa noticed how despite trying to do the right thing, it often felt really difficult when juggling a busy life.

This insight, together with her experience in change, created their business idea: to support people to make better choices to reduce their plastic footprint by sourcing simple, beautiful swaps for plastic.

Sustainily’s mantra is “small change, big impact”.

That is the mantra they have as a business as well as in the work Lisa continues to do as a coach and organisation development consultant.