Spice Masterclass with Ren Patel, Sat 3pm

Spice Masterclass with Ren Patel, Sat 3pm


Saturday 17th August, 3-4.30pm


Ren Patel is the original spice girl and she just wants to spread the curry love! She is truly passionate about food, cooking and spices. Ren started her boutique cookery school over 12 years ago in north-west London. She teaches curry lovers how to make healthy and authentic Indian food from scratch. Additionally to this, she provides spices to the dry stores of London’s leading chefs and restaurants.

Ren’s Spice Masterclass, a sensory journey through the world of Indian spices and ingredients, where students taste each spice to explore their features and purpose. Students leave her class feeling enlightened with a full understanding of the purpose and effect of each spice.   

Ren has a wicked sense of humour so classes are full of laughter but expect to leave with a deep understanding of spices along with some of Ren’s trade secrets.

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