Sound Bath with Edie + Lizzie, Sat 4pm

Sound Bath with Edie + Lizzie, Sat 4pm


Saturday 17th August, 4-5pm

60 minutes

Free class, all welcome, spaces are limited, mats included.

Experience deep restoration and relaxation in this sensory bliss state. No effort involved: just lie cocooned in sound and experience the healing vibrations.

Absolutely not to be missed.

Deeply healing, re-energising and nourishing on all levels. Bringing a natural state of meditation.

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Matspace is a collaborative studio in the heart of Framlingham, Suffolk. Their ethos is that movement is for everyone, and through their eclectic variety of teachers they believe there is a practice for every body. Their tribe of all ages and abilities is growing every day. Find your smile whilst finding your edge; where hard work and play meet.