Resilience and Brain Health Workshop, Mon 11am

Resilience and Brain Health Workshop, Mon 11am


Monday 19th August, 11-12noon

60 minutes

Free class, all welcome, spaces are limited.

Neuroscience teaches us that being in the midst of a prolonged stressed response can leave us temporarily with a brain that doesn't seem to work as well as it normally would. The symptoms these conditions create are the result of an overworked, burnt out brain which usually desperately needs our care and attention.

So how can we cool down an inflamed brain? and how can we water and nourish our brain in a way that can help us to make the most of our work and relationships? A brain which leaves us better equipped to handle the knocks and bumps we cannot get away from as human beings?

Marvin will be sharing tools, insights and take aways from both his clinical experience and personal life.

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Marvin Reid is the founder of chillwinstonuk, an organisation who work in the health/social care, educational and corporate settings, teaching their employees and students how to become more resilient, healthy and vibrant.

Marvin works clinically as a Senior Occupational Therapist and also teaches Yoga and Meditation in the Richmond Upon Thames area.