Let's Talk About It, The Brigade, Sun 5pm

Let's Talk About It, The Brigade, Sun 5pm


The Brigade on the Brink: Harnessing Strengths + Overcoming Weaknesses to Determine Our Future

Regina Varolli, Jonny Bone, Emma Underwood, Peter Gunn, Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins

Sunday 18th August, 5-6pm, Main Stage

Free Talk

There’s a staffing crisis in hospitality.

Could it be that the mentalities and habits of the Brigade are contributing to that crisis?

Could it be that the perception of what it’s like to work in hospitality is damaging the indsutry by keeping people out of it? Or by luring people into it who have unrealistic expectations for success and stardom?

How can we maintain the many strengths of the Brigade- like our work ethic- while eliminating its setbacks, and save the future of the hospitality workforce?

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