Let's Have A Drink With Hannah Lanfear + Liam Scandrett, Mon 11.30AM

Let's Have A Drink With Hannah Lanfear + Liam Scandrett, Mon 11.30AM


60 mins

11.30am - 12.30pm

Let’s have a drink with... Hannah Lanfear & Liam Scandrett

Hannah Lanfear, Director, The Mixing Class and Liam Scandrett, UK Business Development Manager for Spirits, WSET Global

Tired of the lack of availability for relevant and quality training accessible to bar staff, both Hannah and Liam have made it their work to bring credence to a highly skilled and nuanced sector of drinks service.

We talk to two of the trade’s most lauded spirit education pros about what it means to work your passion and change mindsets in the spirits and hospitality industries.

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Clara Rubin and Sula Richardson have worked hard to deliver, new for 2019, the 'Let's have a drink with...' speakers corner where they will host a series of thought-provoking discussions under the PX+ themes of CELEBRATE, COLLABORATE and CHANGE.

Clara is a celebrated 'wine-slinger' with ten years experience working in hospitality and education. Her dedication to the industry was recognised last year when she was announced as the 2018 winner of the prestigious Julian Brind Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Wine Industry from the IWSC. As Head of Engagement for Red Squirrel Wine, Clara brings a wealth of wine knowledge and true passion for the industry to this year's festival. She is also an IWSC judge and a certified WSET Educator. 

Sula is drinks industry through and through. As a wine and spirits communications guru with her ear to the ground and a creative eye, she has produced inspiring content and engaging events across the globe. In addition to her role at the multi-award winning food and drink PR agency, Phipps Relations, she also co-founded Women in Wine LDN - an ever-growing professional networking group that actively champions women in the wine industry.