Closing Dinner and Party - Curanto with Hernan de Majo + Renata Brenha, Mon 8pm

Closing Dinner and Party - Curanto with Hernan de Majo + Renata Brenha, Mon 8pm


Monday 19th August, starts at 8pm, Court yard

Curanto is a cooking method commonly used by indigenous tribes in the South of South America, especially in Argentina and Chile. Dated back about 12000 years, it consisted of people slow cooking food under the earth using hot stones. More than a cooking method, Curanto has always been a spiritual ritual that symbolizes the earth transforming and giving birth. 

 On Sunday August 19th Hernan de Majo, Renata Brenha and the Cocina Shoreditch team will perform a Curanto ceremony in the middle of the farm, at sunset, culminating in a plant-based closing dinner and party. A collective of live musicians including vocalists and percussionists will guide the experience.

It will be a great moment to express gratitude for the earth, and what it gives us and also for the community and our intentions moving forward.

The dinner will be carefully crafted and served with noble natural wines.

Indicative Menu*

Roots in Tucupi, white truffle and coconut milk

Celeriac, chimi churri

Aubergine, dark miso, homemade wine

Leaves, smocked beetroot, capers and pomegranate

‘Arroz de foguerinha' (bonfire rice), leeks and dill

Berries & flowers

£45 per person, includes wines

*Indicative Menu may be subject to change

The menu is fixed and no vegetarian or dietary options are available.

Studio Cocina Shoreditch, is a creative space for dinners and events around food and performance, with a focus on South American experimental plant based cuisine. The project is run by food engineering Hernán De Majo, an Argentinean, and Brazilian fashion designer Renata Brenha.

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